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Manually Recover & Repair PDF Files

This article describes some of the manual solutions to tackle the corruption issues in PDF. The guide will help users to repair PDF files and fix all PDF errors generated due to corruption issues. Follow the simple process in this article to recover corrupted PDF files effectively.

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What is PDF File?

PDF is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe Systems in 1991 by Dr. John Warnock. These files are trusted by millions of users worldwide for saving and sharing electronic documents. The purpose of PDF is to share or transfer electronic documents in a style that appear like a printed document. These files maintain the original layout & formatting of the documents.

It is an electronic Image data of the printed Document. A PDF file displays document text, images, and formatting of documents from a variety of application. It can be used to share files, documents, ppt among users who are working on a completely different platform. It contains the number of other objects like embedded fonts, hyperlinks, interactive buttons, vector graphics, audio, video, form field, business logic, 3D objects, annotations, and electronic signature. But, sometimes these files get damaged or corrupted so users are in need to repair corrupt PDF files.

Advantages of PDF Files

  • The PDF file can be created without any trouble.
  • The user can easily convert word or any other file into PDF file format.
  • Retains the original formatting of its content.
  • The PDF file is compatible with all operating systems.
  • PDF files are small in size, thus occupies less memory space.
  • Implements security for the unauthorized user, so they can't edit and modify.
  • The user can encrypt to fix PDF files with many security features.
  • A suitable format for document printing.

Disadvantages of PDF Files

  • The PDF file is difficult to edit as compare to any other file format.
  • PDF file editing is not free users need to buy the expensive PDF editing tools.
  • Sometimes users find it difficult to open or read PDF file.
  • The user may need to use third party tools for opening the locked PDF.
  • To fix PDF a user need to buy the tool to repair PDF files.
  • PDF files created by the process of scanning are less flexible and difficult to edit.
  • Many users find reading the PDF file on computer uncomfortable due to the difference with the aspect ratio of the screen.
  • Editing PDF files may require expensive third-party software.

Reasons for PDF File Corruption

There are various reasons due to which PDF file gets damaged. Here, some of the notable reasons for PDF corruption are given below:

  • Unsuccessful and Incomplete Downloads from email and websites will make a PDF file corrupt.
  • Virus or Malware Attacks on the system will damage PDF files stored in it.
  • If PDF File Transfer Process gets Interrupted, that file will become broken.
  • Power Surge and other system issues can also corrupt PDF files.

Commonly Faced Adobe PDF Errors

We have seen in the above section that there are many reasons for PDF file corruption. Sometimes virus may corrupt the PDF documents, thus while opening the PDF, message gets displayed "file is not supporting". Moreover, when PDF contains the corrupt data, the error messages get appears. Some of them are discussed in the next section.

Possible Error Messages

  • There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.

  • The root object is missing or invalid.

  • There was an error opening this document. Access Denied.

  • File doesn’t begin with %PDF.

  • There was an error processing the page.

Solution to Repair PDF Files

There are several ways to recover corrupted PDF files some of them are given below. But, it might be possible that the PDF file is not damaged but the program which is used to view PDF files brings unexpected problems. Therefore, some manual approaches are given below which may help you fix the issue:

Update PDF Reader Software

  • Open Acrobat Reader or PDF Reader and go to its Help section to Check for Update.
  • If an update is available, perform it.

Repair PDF Reader from Control Panel

  • Go to the Control Panel of your system and open the list of Programs and Features.
  • Select Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat and click on Change>> Repair to fix the application.
  • Click Finish when the process is done.

Repair PDF application

  • Go to the Help section of your PDF and select the option that says Repair that application.

Note: These methods will fix issues regarding the PDF reader/ viewer application. But, still, if the user is not able to open or view PDF files then they need to repair PDF files. In order to do that, you need to take the help of third-party software.

Automated Solution to Recover Corrupted PDF Files

The PDF corruption can be handled by different tools, there are many software for removing the errors and to repair corrupt PDF files. Users have to buy those tools to repair damaged Adobe PDF files. Some PDF Repair Tools are economical but it depends upon the damage issue. The PDF Recovery Software is the reliable application to recover damaged Adobe PDF file and creates a healthy file in the user determined location. During this process, the authentic formatting and content of the PDF file are maintained with precision. The application can be run on all Windows OS systems to recover corrupted PDF file data.

Features of PDF Repair Tool

  • Recover damaged PDF file and creates a new document.
  • Repair PDF Files without any formatting or changes.
  • Recover complete PDF Data (Text or Images).
  • Compatible with all PDF file formats.

This discussion centered around the issue of PDF corruption and its solutions. PDF files may get damaged, broken, or corrupt due to various reasons and ultimately, users need to suffer heavily for that. To remove these disadvantages, we have mentioned multiple solutions to repair PDF files. Since the native methods, it is wise to go for the third-party application. For the smooth and assured process to repair damaged Adobe PDF file, try PDF Recovery application. This software is an ideal one to repair corrupt PDF files.