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Repair Flash Drive Without Losing Data Manually

This Article describes the most efficient manual ways to repair flash drive without losing data to fix Drive Errors by using CMD Command Prompt. It helps to repair Flash Drive data without loosing any information in a most efficient manner.

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What is Flash Drive?

Flash drive is data storage device which stores data in the form of binary bits (0 & 1). It is made up of small electronic chips which provides a medium for data transfer and data storage. Sometimes the USB flash is also called as the key chain drive. The USB flash drives can be used as external usb drive or internal usb drive. It is use to store all type of data like video, audio, photos, documents, presentation and software. Sharing of data become easy because we can easily carry the flash drives and exchange the data from one computer to another. But there are many issues that can make USB flash drive inaccessible. In this situation you have to repair flash drive CMD first and then repair usb flash drive corrupted files.

repair flash drive

If your flash usb drive is not working properly then there will be two reason behind it. Either the USB flash drive is damaged by any physical or logical hindrance. If you want to recover flash drive damaged physically then you need to repair the hardware. If your flash drive hardware are working and you are not able to access the stored data. In this situation you can repair flash drive cmd by performing some steps and easily you can repair flash drive without losing data. Retrieving data from flash drive is same as the extracting lost data from pen drive.

Causes of Flash drive Failure & How to Repair USB Flash Drive Corrupted Files

There are mainly two type of flash USB failure either physical damage or logical corruption. This article describes both in detail. In physical flash USB drive damage, you have to replace the unhealthy hardware. If you want to repair flash drive damaged by any physical factors then you have to replace the damaged hardware. This may lead to data lost but in some case you can retrieve flash drive data. Where as the logical damage does not damages the flash drive hardware, It basically damages the data. If you are not able to access the data then there may be chance of logical flash drive failure. Logical failure includes virus attack, soft deletion, hard deletion, formatting of flash drive, abnormal system shut down while file transferring etc. You can retrieve damaged data from flash drive, follow the steps given below for data recovery from logical damage only.

Different Methods to Repair Flash Drive Without Losing Data

Method 1: - Repair Flash Drive By Changing Drive Letter

Sometimes Desktop/laptop is unable to assign the drive letter like (F, G, H etc.) to your flash USB drive. And due to this reason you can not access the file. To fix this issue, repair flash drive by assigning letter to it. Follow the steps given below:

  • Connect the flash drive to your computer system.
  • Right click on My Computer or This PC (windows 10), and hit on the Manage from the drop down list.
  • Now click on Disk Management.
  • Right click on your flash drive and hit on Change Drive Letter and Path.
  • Hit on the drive and change its colour to blue, simply click on Change.
  • Select the Flash drive letter from the drop-down list and click on OK.

Method 2: - Repair Flash Drive by Reinstalling the Device Drivers

If you flash drive device driver is corrupted or is not working properly. Then your system will not recognize the external flash USB drive. To repair flash drive without losing data or fix this error simply perform the steps given below.

  • Go to start and click on My computer or This PC (windows 10). Select Manage from the list.
  • Hit on the Device Manager from the left side of window opened.
  • From the list click on Disk Drive.
  • Hit on Uninstall and Choose OK.
  • Remove your drive and restart the system.
  • Connect the drive again and your PC will detect it.

Method 3: - Fix Issues and Repair Flash Drive By Windows Explorer

Fix the issues of flash drive in order to repair usb flash drive corrupted files. Follow the steps given below:

  • Go to home and click on the My Computer or This PC (windows 10).
  • Select the corrupted flash drive and right click on it.
  • From the drop down menu click on the Format.
  • Now a pop up windows will appear simply click on Restore Device Defaults.
  • Click on OK to complete the process.

Note: It is recommended that first take backup of complete data because this process will erase your data from the drive. If you are unable to backup your drive data then please make sure not to perform this step.

Method 4: - Repair Flash Drive CMD Commands

If you are unable to access your data files stored in drive then there might be various reason. To fix the error and recover deleted, formatted, corrupted and lost data from the flash USB drive. Run this command on your command prompt and follow the steps given bellow:

  • Connect the corrupted flash USB drive to your PC.
  • Press windows key + R and type cmd & press Enter.
  • Type Diskpart and hit on Enter.
  • Type list disk and press enter.
  • Further, write select disk [number of your flash drive] and click on Enter.
  • Type clean and hit on Enter.
  • Now write create partition primary and click on Enter.
  • Finally type active and press Enter.
  • Select and type partition 1 and click on Enter.
  • At last, type format fs=fat32 and click on Enter.
  • Now close the cmd and restart your system.

Alternative Solution: Easiest way to Repair USB Flash Drive Corrupted Files

All the methods mentioned above are not completely secure and you may lose your valuable data. As we know that data is highly important at the organizational or individual level. So while retrieving corrupt, deleted and formatted data you need to have trusted and secured software. You can find many software on Internet. which has many additional feature and able to repair flash drive without losing data. Repair Flash Drive tool can recover soft deleted or hard deleted flash drive data. Also enables you to preview the details of selected partition. Download the free demo version of this software and analyse the working of the software before investing for it.

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Easiest Working Steps of The Repair Flash Drive Tool

There are few easy steps that you have to perform to repair usb flash drive corrupted files that are mentioned below:

  • Download and run the Repair Flash Drive Tool of Windows based PC
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  • Choose Flash drive and click either Scan or Formatted Scan button.
    repair flash drive
  • View repaired files and folders in Repair Flash Drive Tool panel
    repair usb flash drive online
  • Save repaired data files from USB flash drive at any location.
    repair usb flash drive windows 10


This blog mentions all possible way to repair flash drive and retrieve deleted, corrupted and formatted data from flash USB drive. I hope this effort will help you to fix all issues of flash drive.